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Prophetic Word for 2017: Spread Your Wings and Fly!

You said, “Yes, Lord.” Not once but many times. In every season you labored to give Me the very best you had to offer, even when you believed you had nothing to offer. You stayed (where I planted you) when others left. You suffered and stayed the course, though you could have gained material wealth as payment for compromising your faith. You have not been perfect yet you have been faithful. You trust Me with your life and your decisions reflect that truth. Your season of secret preparation is over.

Now, it is time to move!  Move forward, upwards, and beyond.  Move beyond what you believed you could do.  Become greater than you ever were.  Become stronger, wiser, and more resilient.  It’s time to get up!  Time to shine.  Time to speak. Time to put up or shut up. I didn’t put you here (on earth) to look the part.  To look like royalty.  To look like a visionary. To look like an eagle.  To look like someone who has authority, power, and dominion.  I put you here to usher in dynamic change in others.  And it starts with you.  Right now.  Right where you are.

The cloud of uncertainty that once lingered over your life is gone. Be fearless in My love!  Spread your wings and take flight.  Pick up the pace and run!  Remember I am the wind beneath your wings.  I am He who restores to you the years the locusts have eaten.  Don’t stop giving Me your best.  Sow abundantly.  You shall certainly reap in joy. This year be willing to be stretched further for your higher calling in Me.  Stay rooted in Me, confident I am working all things together for your good.

In Him,
Shawntel Jefferson