People of God, Jesus is going to come back when it is time. But when He comes back it is important for us to be where He has instructed us to be doing what He has sent us to do. Don’t leave your assignment undone. Don’t leave your mantle unused. Don’t let your gifts remain untapped, immature, or dormant. The Church needs to pray as much as it complains (recognize the issue of concern and then work towards resolving it). The Church needs to mend as much as it breaks (people are getting hurt for no other reason than another person’s pride). The Church is full of authority and power. There’s nothing the world has that the Church doesn’t have except unity. Lots of people get together to plan and think of evil deeds. Let’s unite in love for what is righteous. We are not just people. We are God’s children. We are agents of change. God bless you all.