Prophetic Word of Direction-Feb. 2017

Last month the Lord God released a powerful word for His people, a command, for the entire year of 2017. It’s an awesome and exciting word! As the last day of January drew to a close it was brought to my attention that I needed to shut down briefly to receive the Lord’s next word of direction (in correlation with the 2017 word).

As I sat waiting to hear the Lord speak, I suddenly felt the fluttering of butterfly wings and the pricks of pins and needles.  Then, I had a vision in which I saw a giant hammer come into view.  The hammer moved in front of a wide window.  With one swift swing the hammer completely shattered the window pane.



It is time for you to BREAK THE CEILING! I have watched you come time and time again to the point of fruition but you never give birth to the fullness of that which I placed in your heart and mind to sow. Therefore, you always fall short in reaping the harvest I intend for you. I intended for you to reap 100 fold but you never sow 100% of yourself into that which I place in front of you to do. Stop straddling the fence between mediocrity and excellence.

Now, take that which I have given you and invest it. Do not be like the unjust steward. Be precise in managing resources and time. You cannot double what you throw away. Stay away from unfruitful events where gossip is the number one activity and time is wasted thinking about the past. Steer clear of cheap talk. It will cause barrenness and drought. Be vigilant in studying My word which will grow and flourish in you, feeding you and those you minister to. There is provision for the vision. Obedience will unlock the door, while faith will open it.

It is time to invest yourself fully into your calling. Take that which you have been taught in secret, all your understanding, knowledge, wisdom, and gifts and put them to good use.  Hold back nothing.  Be careful this season to run with those who are not afraid to break the ceiling over their own lives, to live like they walk in the spirit. They think without limits and aim for that which have been said cannot and have never been done.

Break out of doing enough. Break out of limiting yourself by adhering to the standards of others. Break out! Break out! Break out! BREAK OUT so you can BREAK THROUGH to new ground!

In Him,
Shawntel Jefferson


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