God: The Master Weaver

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Can you look at your life and call it a beautiful work of art? I believe many call their lives that–or at least see it that way–when everything seems to be working properly and life doesn’t look frail or full of unexpected turns. When we walk into a room or home we expect to see cleanliness and order. When we look at our lives we too expect order, but when at least one thing is out of place to us… all we see is a full blown mess. Filled with dread and annoyance, we try to fix the not-so-beautiful threads of our lives. When after tugging and pulling, that one thread doesn’t yield to us, we start pleading with God: “Father, please fix this. I’ve tried and nothing has changed. I need this ugly-doesn’t-fit-into-my-life thread removed right away.”

A Place for Ugly Threads
Odds are God didn’t remove that thread, no matter how much you prayed and pleaded. I’ve had some of my own ugly threads and God didn’t remove them all. I believe He kept most of those seemingly inconvenient-to-me threads. Why? I have been able to look back over my life at different times and was shown where those ugly threads played a role in God weaving my life into a beautiful work of art–His masterpiece. Though they didn’t look beautiful or seem to fit into my life, those ugly threads became building blocks; I gained understanding about God, myself, and my purpose.

The Master Weaver
God is all-knowing, He doesn’t make mistakes or miscalculate, and He formed each of us. Before He formed us in our mothers’ wombs, He knew us (Jeremiah 1:5). Nothing about us or our lives is a surprise to Him, only us. God told Jeremiah that before He formed him He ordained him as a prophet. God created Jeremiah based on the purpose He had already decided for him. Like Jeremiah, God created us based on the purpose He had already decided for each us to fulfill. Sometimes we get so tangled in our own desires or perspectives we fail to understand God’s desires for us and His perspective about everything.

The Master Pattern
Our personality, gifts, skills–everything about us–was strategically designed. Even our past sins, strongholds, and poor decisions were allowed by God. They all brought us pain, discomfort, or consequences. However, as He turns all things around for good to us, those ugly threads we fought to rip out of our lives become beautiful and take on new meaning for us. Those ugly threads become important lining in the tapestry of our lives that God is weaving. If we were allowed to pull all the ugly-it-has-to-go threads, I’m confident we’d have very little progress in our divine purpose, spiritual growth, and relationship with God. I also believe we appreciate God much more because of the thorns that come with the presence of those ugly threads. God is the Master Weaver and He has a custom pattern designed for your life. Everything about us, including our tests and trials are tied to our purpose and preparation for it. They are in the Master’s pattern.

Your Life’s Tapestry
What do you see when you look at your life’s tapestry? Do you see beautiful art or a brimming mess? If we look at every ugly thread with resentment, it’s likely what we are to gain from the experience won’t take root in us. Whatever doesn’t take root in us will never bear the fruit God has hedged us in and nurtured us to produce (Matthew 13:20-21, Isaiah 5:2). Let today be the start of a new outlook on the ugly threads of life. Don’t think of how you want those threads removed. Instead begin to envision all the beauty, love, and grace of God that will be reflected through your life to other people. Go ahead, let God weave the tapestry of life!

Prayer: Father, thank You for never leaving or forsaking me. I repent of my disbelief in Your perfect plans for my life. Order my steps in Your word and give me Your counsel as You weave all the threads of my life into a beautiful tapestry of Your love and grace. Amen.

BibleGateway.com, KJV

(C) 2013 Shawntel Jefferson. All rights reserved.

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