A+ Me: Giving Yourself the Best of You

image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The phrase “Give the best of you,” is somewhat of a commonly regarded oe today. A quote similar to this by Harvey S. Firestone on Thinkexist.com reads, You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself. Its aspirational message pushes all the right buttons and motivates many people to help change the world today for a better tomorrow. What about you and your own world? Are you giving yourself the best of you?

The Backseat of Life

As a parent I aim to give my kids the best of me; I go over school work with them, answer questions they have, and support them in pursuing their dreams. As an author and individual I aim to give the world the best of me. I give to others and intercede for them. I also write to inspire, encourage, and comfort others. Doing these things, and seeing something positive evolve from them, bring me joy. However, I have found I sometimes lapse in giving myself the best of me. I don’t always eat when I should or get adequate rest when I can. I have often refused to take a break when I’ve worked on a project, though I was prompted to. I also would place something on hold that was for me but not delay to get a gift or do a favor for someone else. Without realizing it, I’d taken a backseat to my own life while attempting to steer everyone else to a better life, realized dreams, and purpose.

 The Front of the Line

Giving the best of you to others is wonderful but when you forget to give yourself the best of you, you’ve unknowingly downgraded yourself and your quality of life. Your dreams and unique qualities as an individual may remain untapped if you forget you also need to receive. Purposeful living and people-building are worthwhile aspirations, but not at the expense of leaving yourself underdeveloped.

 A+ Yourself

While in pursuit to help others and change the world for the better, it would do well to remember to upgrade ourselves along the way. You don’t have to wait for someone else to come along and do it. That A+ status is waiting for you to assign it to your life and acquire it by investing in yourself. Give yourself the best of you! When was the last time, you can say for sure, you gave yourself the best of you? Investing in you is an investment well spent and is the beginning of giving anyone else the best of you.


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