You were Made for this Moment…

God is faithful and has made all things and set each one for their perfect and appointed time. God never misses a mark (the intended target or result). Where are you in your journey with Christ? Have you endured suffering? Have you experienced a setback? Have you been caught between “a rock and a hard place”, tempted to give up on yourself and God? Have you felt you have missed your mark?

Be encouraged in the Lord today. You were made for this moment and this moment was made just for you. The Bible says, “the just shall live by faith.” All of God’s promises are inherited by our faith in Christ. Therefore, faith, patience, and an attitude of perseverance are essential to pressing on. When all we see with our natural eyes tempts us into believing we are wasting our time and God’s time, we have to redirect our focus on Jesus Christ who’s the Author and Finisher of our faith. When we feel as though all is set against us and pushing us into defeat, we do well to remember God is our ALL IN ALL and is using these unpleasant things to perfect us while also pushing us into sure victories in Christ.

We may be His vessels but it is God who is doing the real work and there is comfort in our knowledge of Him; He is faithful. We have witnessed His immeasurable love, grace, and mercy. We have tasted His goodness and have been 1st class witnesses of the same power that raised Christ from the dead, this power which is also in us now working to do His will. Make no mistake; you have far more going for you than against you. God alone who is for us tips the scale in our favor, who also has counted us faithful to suffer for Christ’s name sake. Never turn back because God’s purpose and blessings for you are before you, not behind you. He used what is behind you to get you ahead. Now you must push beyond your current pressure point to get to your new appointed place in Him.

This is your time. This is your season to launch ahead, even while in the midst of adversity. It’s your appointed time to grow and spring forth with new beauty as a fruitful olive branch. You have weathered storms; He held you up with His right hand. You kept your sanity; He kept your mind in perfect peace. You have seen the devices formed against you; He kept you alive and allowed you to witness their destruction by His hand.

Our adversities are never above us when we stand firm upon the ROCK. Don’t let your adversity look down upon you but look down upon it, knowing like every storm you’ve been led through, it too shall pass. Thank God for appointing an end to every storm of life. Take this moment that was carved out for you now and make it yours. Don’t just survive but conquer and go forth into God’s destiny for you.  Never forget you were made for this and this moment was made for you! Make it an unforgettable one.


Copyright (C) 2012 Shawntel Jafferson. All rights reserved.

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