Winds of Hope Magazine: Love Conquers All

Love Conquers All
By Yolanda Dean

Beloved, we are in a season of change, maturity and deliverance.  The Father is giving into the hands of His true servants the ability to turn this world upside down.  As the Apostles Stephen, Paul, Peter and Silas who have gone before us, we can be used to help change the lives of many, enlarge the Heavenly Kingdom and bring about the coming of Our Lord.  Yet, what we must have within us to accomplish this task is LOVE!  The love of God constrains, maintains, equips and makes the impossible… possible!

Cece Winans sang a song years ago that went something like this… “Without love there’s no need to prophesy. Without love there would be no blue skies.  Without love we’re all just wasting time.  Without love everything would fail.” Wow, what a statement!  Do you realize that love is the foundation that everything has been built upon?  It was love that prompted God to send His only begotten Son (Christ the Messiah) as the ultimate sacrifice, love made the ultimate gift of salvation possible, love has designed kingdoms, governments.  Love is what keeps the Heavenly Kingdom operating and open to all.  There is absolutely no way that we, the true servants of Christ, can make the ultimate shift that will allow us to carry out the final work of God and enlarge His kingdom without love.

Many are operating in their own strength and according to their own doctrine and this is what causes the work to slow down.  Many are allowing themselves to be prompted by the spirit of recognition, domination, control rather than pure love.  What, may I ask, does it profit anyone to gain the things of the world yet forget to operate in the will of God, in His wonderful love and lose their very soul?  Nothing should separate us from the love of Christ Jesus and nothing should cause us to operate outside of it.  Let us humble ourselves, submit ourselves to the hand of Christ and become vessels fit to carry His love to the world.

Today, this very second, make the commitment that everything you say, do and think will come from a place of love.  There are souls suffering, waiting on you to come by and bring them the word that will deliver them.  Let your heart be circumcised by the sword forged in the fire of love and watch the shift that will take place in your life, ministry, home and community!

Love conquers all!

Copyright 2016. Yolanda Dean. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Quality Control


Coming from a place of transparency, I confess to you all that I am just stepping out of season of blind struggle. I had too much on my plate with no real path of direction. There were meaningless deadlines on my calendar to produce dead works of disaster. I found myself frustrated with my poor results and lukewarm receptions of what I felt drained me to produce. I mustered up fits of ‘why’ and came up with broken solutions that made things worse. I turned to the lowest of the low, which was a pity party and I screamed out to God asking why things were not working out in my favor. Then in turn, all this hard work for nothing was costing me time and effort, which was being taken away from my family. My passion for writing, and overall joy in spirit was turned into desolation. Then in study one day I was reminded: “For a good tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. For every tree is known by its own fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns, nor do they gather grapes from a bramble bush”. Luke 6:43-44; Holy Bible NKJV.

I began to wonder, what kind of fruit was I really producing these days? We should all come to ask ourselves that question; what kind of fruit do we bear? What are were working towards, and what results are we producing? Let’s think of this not just in regards to ministry but in daily life, period. What about our families, marriages, kids, friends, employment, and even personal time away from everyone? Are we sowing seeds in those areas that have blossomed into beautiful fruit or has it sprung up rotten to bring in a spoiled harvest of headache? Or have we really been doing a lot of talking and not sown anything at all and sitting with a naked tree? That is another area that cost me a lot of precious time. I spent time planning, talking, and dreaming, but never putting the proper foundation in action to accomplish a goal.

Believe me, the personal realization of accepting ownership of my faults, has changed my work ethic and prayer life. I realize that there is much to be done and in a proper order to receive great fruit from a hard labor. I haven’t gotten to a place of definitive achievement yet by any means, but I want to and I will bear good fruit in every season I’m given. Those areas that have blossomed rotten fruit I give it to the Father and ask Him to prune it away. Those areas that are still small buds, I give them time to mature and not despise the days of their small beginnings. Ultimately I ask God what fruit He would have me to bear and all this fertilizer I see around me will be used to make something beautiful for His Kingdom. He makes beautiful things out of us and through us, if we allow Him to guide us. So I ask you, what’s up with your fruit these days? How will you be known? Let’s feel empowered and encouraged, to walk this life out together.

S.D. Johnson


People of God, Jesus is going to come back when it is time. But when He comes back it is important for us to be where He has instructed us to be doing what He has sent us to do. Don’t leave your assignment undone. Don’t leave your mantle unused. Don’t let your gifts remain untapped, immature, or dormant. The Church needs to pray as much as it complains (recognize the issue of concern and then work towards resolving it). The Church needs to mend as much as it breaks (people are getting hurt for no other reason than another person’s pride). The Church is full of authority and power. There’s nothing the world has that the Church doesn’t have except unity. Lots of people get together to plan and think of evil deeds. Let’s unite in love for what is righteous. We are not just people. We are God’s children. We are agents of change. God bless you all.